Kroko Print Solutions Oy was established in 2004. With our special expertise in label printing techniques, we know what information should be added to labels and how it should be done. We have also paid attention to the quality and development of labels from the outset, enabling the replacement of engraved plates with more cost-efficient adhesive labels, without compromising on durability.

The development of our software is based on our experiences from the thousands of user training events we have arranged for our customers, where the challenge has often been how to teach users to use the programs – which are often good in themselves – on a practical level. After all, printing labels is just one of the many tasks that these employees perform at work.

In addition, labels should contain more and more information. For example, the possibility to print QR codes is a requirement in almost all fields. In industry, specific labels must be printed from ERP and other systems, with various layouts, sizes and colours.

To address this challenge, we have created desktop applications that are tailored to different sectors by including the specific features required in that field. This has also provided us with the perfect opportunity to solve company- and sector-specific challenges as our applications enable the setting of separate operating procedures for each customer. Our software is easy to integrate with various ERP systems, because we have developed small intermediate programs that enable quick and cost-efficient integrations.

The hard work we have put into gaining knowledge and expertise is now rewarded by the large number of customer who have selected us as their partner.

Jukka Tommola

Kroko Print Solutions Oy