We are an agile Finnish developer and supplier of printers, printing materials and related software. Advances in technology also enable the rapid development of techniques related to labelling. When we look around, we can see numerous labels and markings everywhere. Knowing what information to provide on labels and how to produce labels is part of our core expertise.

Sample labelling – Kroko MediLab

Kroko MediLab was created to make labelling easier for all laboratories. With Kroko MediLab, sample labelling is quick and easy. While MediLab can be used without any other database software or patient health record systems, it can also be easily integrated with all existing systems.

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Building services and electricity network construction

With Kroko Electricity and HVAC, you can save up to 70% on labelling costs compared with the conventional methods.

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Industry and maintenance – Kroko Autoprint

Compared with conventional methods, Kroko Autoprint offers a reliable, easy-to-use labelling technique. You can create significant savings as your work progresses smoothly, and production does not grind to a halt because of tricky printing software.

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Professional kitchens – Kroko Food Service

With Kroko Food Service and food order programs, you can manage and label all special meals prepared by a professional kitchen – quickly and easily.

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Jussi Suomi
Application expert

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Krokovalvomo.fi – Kroko Control Room

The Krokovalvomo.fi service – an electronic maintenance log and document storage for all devices

The service offers an ideal solution for device maintenance providers and device owners alike. It gives reminders of inspections and maintenance at set intervals, and all documents related to devices can be saved in its database.

With a QR code printed from the system, you can easily view maintenance history, upcoming maintenance and all documents at any time, anywhere. When you log in as a user, you can mark your work as completed and add the required documents onsite without any delays.

For closer monitoring, you can add a spare part management feature to the service, allowing you to make a record of spare parts used for various devices. At the same time, you can actively maintain your warehouse’s stock balance. In addition, you can record various measurement results from the property’s electricity network in the service to enable monitoring and comparisons.

Kroko Scheduling

The Kroko Scheduling system allows you to save all the practical matters and information related to extensive, large-scale studies in a single location.

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Kroko Cloud Print

Kroko Cloud Print offers a flexible solution for printing adhesive labels from browser-based programs. With this service, you can connect a Kroko printer installed on your workstation to any web-based application. All you need is an interface between the program and Kroko Cloud Print. The service also allows you to print from mobile devices.