The Kroko Scheduling system allows you to save all practical matters and information related to extensive, large-scale studies in a single location.

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Kroko Research and Scheduling

All matters related to study management can be viewed in a single view, irrespective of the sample size. The program keeps all invitations, consents and appointments related to studies up to date.  Thanks to the browser-based interface, all essential information is always available to the people that require it, regardless of their location.
Requests, reminders and instructions related to appointments can be sent to study subjects either by email or SMS.
The program lends itself to the management of varied, extensive and diverse studies. For example, appointment locations and schedules can be edited separately for each study. The program also enables the real-time monitoring of study forms, samples and devices, allowing you to keep up to date on progress, while ensuring that additional requests and instructions can be addressed to the correct people.


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