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With Kroko Electricity and HVAC, you can save up to 70% in labelling costs compared with the conventional methods.

Electric, HVAC, fire alarm, sprinkler and audio systems


Kroko Electricity

With the Kroko Electricity program, fuse, cable and device labels can be printed on the basis of the electrical centre’s diagram without the need to write anything by hand. Why should the contractor write the same information over and over when it has already been done by the designer? Kroko Electricity was designed to eliminate this overlapping work while introducing additional value to the markings. With the program, it is easy to print labels that are more informative.

Instead of conventional PDF diagrams, you can transfer the same content digitally to our program in DFX format. As you are no longer required to produce labels with a label writer or type information into Excel, electricians can focus on their actual work. Thanks to the automated categories, even smaller sites and renovation projects can be easily labelled. The only difference is that the basic information must be added to the system manually.

Kroko measurements

Thanks to Kroko’s systems, pen-and-paper methods have also been consigned to the history books in commissioning and scheduled measurements. Our method makes measurements not only quicker but also more accurate. The socket markings printed with the Kroko Electricity system form a database, which can be imported to the Gossen Metrawatt Intro test instrument’s memory. When QR codes are used for socket labels, measurement results can be saved directly for the correct measurement points during measurements. The method allows you to attach measurement results to the commissioning documents or to export them directly to Kroko Control Room’s database software.

Kroko HVAC

Thanks to our investments in the development of our adhesive label materials, our labels can be used in most applications where engraved plates have typically been required. This saves not only money but also time when the required labels can be printed with the Kroko HVAC software. In addition, markings must carry more information than before, which poses challenges to the conventional marking methods. Today, QR codes may be required in ventilation machines or text in flow arrows may be required in two or three languages, for example. With the Kroko HVAC labelling program, such information is easy to add to the labels. Plates for pipe control valves are also easy to make with integration to TA-Scope, enabling the printing of measurement documents directly from the system.


  • Electricity and automation sector

  • All necessary information for marking from DXF, XLSX or CSV files.

  • Labeling easily and cost-effectively in accordance with the requirements of the construction site

  • Versatile tools for manually recording data. Easy to use even without DXF images.

  • The program includes numerous automatic functions, such as the sizing of the wrapping sticker according to the cable type.

  • A comprehensive measurement database for commissioning measurements.


Are Oy’s Park Hospital worksite in Helsinki implemented the Kroko Electricity 3.1 labelling program.

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The packages include installation, guidance and warranty.

Free test use periods are possible.


Kroko Pro 3600R printer (1 pcs)

Kroko Electricity Lite or HVAC licence (1 pcs)



Kroko 600 Electric Pro -printer (1pcs)

Kroko Electricity Lite tai LVI licence (1pcs)



Kroko Pro 3600R printer (1 pcs)

Kroko Electricity Pro licence (1 pcs)

€395 + annual fee of €480


Kroko X6 printer (1 pcs)

Kroko Electricity Pro licence (1 pcs)

895,-€ + annual fee of 480,-€

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