Kroko MediLab was developed to operate alongside patient information systems as a supplementary tool that creates flexibility and added value for sample labelling.

Kroko Medicine and KrokoLab complement the MediLab product range.

Who is it for?

Kroko MediLab was created to make labelling easier for all laboratories. With Kroko MediLab, sample labelling is quick and easy. Kroko MediLab can be used without any other database software or patient health record systems. However, it can be easily integrated with all existing systems.

The improvement of patient safety is the guiding light in all our product development. At the same time, our awareness of the limited financial resources available to operators propels us to develop solutions that are more cost-efficient and easier to use than the existing labelling methods. As a result, we have created the Kroko MediLab interface to enable nurses and laboratory staff to focus on their core tasks, as adhesive sample labels can be printed easily and reliably using a method that best suits the facility.

And in the event of problems or need for changes, you are not required to have any expertise in the BarTender or other similar systems, as Kroko MediLab takes care of printing independently in a hassle-free way. Patient wristbands that are critical to patient safety can also be printed directly from the Kroko MediLab system.

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KrokoLab is a labelling program tailored to the needs of research and sample laboratories. With the program, labels of varying sizes are easy to print for any sample tubes or slides.

How does the program work?

Typically, sampling facilities use receptacles of various sizes and shapes for samples, and therefore labels are not a one-size-fits-all solutions either. The KrokoLab program brings added agility to labelling. It comes into its own in situations where numerous labels must be printed with changing information.

Data can be exported to the program in CSV and Excel format or alternatively, the required information can be created directly in the program using its handy tools. The desired label layout is selected in the program and labels are printed for one or more samples.

Kroko Medicine

Kroko Medicine helps you save time and improve patient safety in medicine dispensing. With the program, you can easily print labels for IV bags, pill dispensers, medicine cups and various syringes and needles.  We have noticed that the best innovations are made by listening to customers, which is why we invited nurses and pharmacists to participate in the development of Kroko Medicine – after all, they are the people who benefit when medicine labels do not have to be written by hand on a daily basis. As a result, we succeeded in creating software with such a clear interface that it can be used without any training or prior experience.

Kroko Medicine can be integrated with all patient information systems most commonly used in Finland via minimum context management or with medication data via interface queries.


  • Kroko MediLab can be integrated with any patient information system with the help of command lines and parameters.
  • Adhesive sample labels can be printed easily and reliably using a method that best suits the facility.
  • Kroko MediLab can also be used as independent labelling software without patient information system integration.
  • Direct integration to Effica Lifecare, Mediatri and Uranus patient information systems is available for the program. Local solutions are also available for other patient information systems.
  • Kroko MediLab brings flexibility and added value to labelling. MediLab allows you to add information to labels that is not directly available from patient information systems.


In 2019, the operating theatres of Turku University T Hospital began using the Kroko MediLab software to make the labelling of samples taken during operations easier.

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The packages include the MediLab Basic solution, installation, guidance and warranty.

Free test use periods are possible.


Kroko Pro 3600R printer (1 pcs)
Kroko MediLab licence (1 pcs)



Kroko X6 printer (1 pcs)
Kroko MediLab licence (1 pcs)



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Kroko MediLab licence (1 pcs)


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